Enhancing visitor engagement

Residentie Orkest The Hague orchestra set out to increase and maintain its contacts with its changing target group. Also, Residentie Orkest aimed to gain more insight into visitor profiles and increase customer value. Pixelzebra helped realise these aims by implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement as a central client profile platform, converging insights into visitor profiles and business relationships. To this end, Pizelzebra made use of automated visitor profile creation in Dynamics 365 through a link to the ticketing platform. Moreover, Pixelzebra ensured integration of mailings, campaigns and landing pages on the basis of ClickDimensions.

For Residentie Orkest, this resulted in enhanced interaction with the target group thanks to more relevant communications and improved insight into the outcome of online campaigns through dashboards. Also, this solution ensured that business opportunities, such as selling tickets including lunch arrangements to groups, can be identified and acted on more quickly.