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Pixelzebra Solutions provides solutions to all your  automation challenges. We work for technical service providers, service and maintenance companies, but also for security companies and manufacturing companies that have maintenance departments. We actually work for any company that aims to be in the forefront of providing top quality service. On the basis of over twenty years’ experience, Pixelzebra Solutions knows your sector through and through. Every day, we help people work more efficiently and with more pleasure by smartly improving and, if possible, automating business processes. We do this with respect to planning and project management, procurement and inventory, contract management and customer service. We set great store by honest advice. We are direct and prefer not to beat around the bush. That is why Pixelzebra Solutions does not believe in short-term solutions but aims for a lasting relationship.

Together, committed and transparent

We have ample experience with and knowledge of the service and maintenance sector. As a result, we can always provide our clients with appropriate support. Our working method is always goal-oriented and efficient. That means that our working method entails clear steps. That way, you will know what to expect at any time. Moreover, all our software and applications are cloud-based. We only work on a subscription basis, so you will not need to buy any licences. The reason for this is that it is important to us that you remain in control of the scope of the project, the costs and the implementation speed.

Your staff and you at the helm

Our basic aim is that your software is really embedded in your organisation. It matters to us that your staff will be able to work it the right way, so that they can do their work better. That is why we carry out smaller projects and take the time for scoping, implementation, testing and optimisation.

Automating your business processes is not our key challenge. To us, the crux is that the process is right for your company and for your staff, and that it works. We want your team to be sufficiently enthusiastic to want to work with it. That is why we take the time to understand your company, to find out about your ambitions and goals and about any obstacles. Then, we jointly decide which processes we can improve, and which solutions we need to use to achieve that.


Mark Landman en Huib den Hertog directeuren Pixelzebra Solutions