Jim van Zijl

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“I set out to help clients by listening to the problem and finding a fitting solution. This goes way beyond ticking boxes on a list. I want our client to feel that I have given him of her some real help. The users of the CRM system whom I advise are working in various sectors. That makes my job diverse and ensures I stay focused. Every day, I am dealing with clients who ask me totally different questions. I can see that clients feel I understand them. That is good, for the right support really makes the difference where the implementation and use of a CRM system are concerned.”

At Pixelzebra, Jim engages in configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365. Apart from that, he keeps abreast of the developments in Power BI and CRM and advises clients on them. Jim devises processes and is a real team player. He is always happy and ready to support colleagues. What matters to Jim is that apart from himself, the client, too, feels good about working together.

Power BI specialist Jim van Zijl