Robert Lagas

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“A few years ago, I switched to Pixelzebra. Now, I really enjoy working for a smaller, more client-focused organisation. Here, I can share my thoughts and help decide on the direction the company may take. There are far more companies that sell Microsoft Dynamics 365, but we go about it in a different way. We don’t simply throw the package over the wall, but really set out to help the client move forward. We are involved with our clients and help them improve their business processes. That takes a totally different mindset.”

In 2016, Robert decided to invest money in Pixelzebra, and joined the management board as a managing director. He is mainly engaged in streamlining the internal processes, such as HR, funds, sales, support and housing. Under his leadership Pixelzebra has made great strides in the fields of efficiency and financial awareness. He is building on to the basis of Pixelzebra’s continued growth.

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