Ronald Hubert

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“In pre-sales I often meet people who don’t know what they want. In such cases, it is wonderful to gain their trust and bring their needs into the open. For the best part of twenty years, I have been visiting a wide variety of companies. Our clients range from, for instance, the ‘Residentie Orkest The Hague’ orchestra to a car parts supplier. Worlds apart, with totally different needs and speeds, that’s what makes my work such fun. They know that I can get to the bottom of their work processes in a professional way and translate my findings into technology.”

Ronald solves bottlenecks for a wide range of companies. As a result, the staff can work together more effectively, are more productive and able to offer better products. Most companies already have various systems at their disposal containing customer information. Pixelzebra will work with them to merge everything into one functioning standard CRM solution. However, we work in such a way that the system will fit in with the client’s specific operational management.

Scrum Master Ronald Hubert